Morrisonite Jasper Rough

Great examples of Morrisonite rough.

Hi-End Commercial Grade
$80.00 per pound

Premium Grade


For a limited time or until I have run out of Morrisonite Premium Jasper Rough I have an offer that you shouldn't pass up.

In the last couple years as we "Jasper Cutters" all know, Morrisonite Jasper has gone through the roof price-wise and have also heard from Quartzsite already (1-05-07) that it has gone up again in price for rough material to yet another record price per pound. To print that price would indeed send some of you jasper cutters into "Vapor Lock"!

My offer is because the wife and I have found our dream location and have placed our shop, home and land up for sale so we can move this year. Since I would rather sell some of my vast amounts of materials rather than move it, for a 25 pound sack of Premium Morrisonite Jasper rough (which has been at retail of $4,125.00 plus shipping and handling), while supplies last, that same 25 pound sack is now $2,850.00 and I take care of the shipping as long as you are in the USA. All foreign buyers from foreign countries please e-mail me for shipping charges at the sale price.

Pictures of each sack will be sent first before any purchase takes place! This will insure that you will be getting what you see and be assured the material as for the purchasing.

Thanks Brian

Orbed Grade (Better than pic)

Small tumbling and commercial cabbing grade available at $30/lb. (limited quantities)

After 3 years we are now down to a limited supply of all graqdes of material and as we all know this mine is closed forever. At the 2003 shows in Quartzite and Canby Morrisonite that was 60% Rhyolite was going for $145/lb.

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